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A Churro Bar! Well....Of Course! Read more »

A Churro Bar! Well….Of Course!

Churro  A churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry— predominantly choux—based snack. Churros are popular in Mexico (including Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands) and theUnited States. There are two types of churros, one which is thin (and sometimes knotted) and the other which is long and thick (porra). They are both normally…

Is Mexico Safe? Ask the first 4,098,750 People to visit us this year! Read more »

Is Mexico Safe? Ask the first 4,098,750 People to visit us this year!

Planning a Wedding In mexico? Have some “Skeptics” in your group? Have them Read this! ~ Happy Planning Fresa’s!   Travel Age West focused its attention on the Riviera Maya, which is already experiencing a record-breaking year. Riviera Maya continues to appeal to global visitors…

Guess who's Back? Read more »

Guess who’s Back?

Looking for an experience you will never forget? Its Whale Shark Season In Mexico’s Riviera Maya! Well, tis that time of year again when these wonderfully tame and gentle creatures known as “Whale Sharks” return to Mexico’s Riviera Maya!  Running from May 15 to end…

Beach Bonfire Welcome Party ~ A La Mexico Read more »

Beach Bonfire Welcome Party ~ A La Mexico

~A Mexican Twist On An Old Favorite~ You chose to have a destination wedding!!! Aside from saying “Yes” that was the next great decision you have made Fresa!  You chose to be surrounded by your closest friends and family in the most magical place in…

Bringing Sexy "Back" Read more »

Bringing Sexy “Back”

Seriously? How could you Not? We came across this new trend thanks to one of our beautiful Fresa Brides Tina and as we fell in love with it immediately we could not miss the opportunity to share! This just may be that “Little bit of sparkle”…

What people are saying about Fresa! Read more »

What people are saying about Fresa!

Fresa Weddings Mexico Reviews Community Rating (6 reviews) Overall  Value Communication Performance Fresa Weddings Mexico  Kristee is the best wedding planner!!! March 20, 2012 at 12:59 am Reviewed by Starmoon Pros: Customizable, Attentive to our needs, Smooth operation, Poised planner, Overall team effort Cons: Would probably have had Cake…

Your Engaged! Now, How Do You Pick A Date? Read more »

Your Engaged! Now, How Do You Pick A Date?

Picking a wedding date is very important for the obvious reasons, Avoiding major holidays which may result in “Two in one” presents from your new hubby! LOL! (Although he would most likely much prefer it for memory purposes!) Really though, all jokes aside…This is the…

Watch your dreams take flight on your wedding night! Read more »

Watch your dreams take flight on your wedding night!

~ Chinese sky lanterns ~ They say that we get what we put out to the universe right? So, on your wedding night why not have all of your guests join you on the beach to have your dreams for your new life together take…

A Favor for a Favor? Read more »

A Favor for a Favor?

  What do you think your guests will do with your wedding favor? Your wedding day is most likely the one golden pass you will get in life to have everything be about YOU! You have waited your whole life for this day, therefor you…

Cake Pop's Rock The Destination World! Read more »

Cake Pop’s Rock The Destination World!

I was recently introduced to the incredibly tasty world of Cake Pops while doing some research for an upcoming wedding! These delectable and trendy little treats are replacing large-scale wedding cakes in beachfront receptions all over Mexico! What a great and exciting new way to…

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