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Beach Bonfire Welcome Party ~ A La Mexico

Beach Bonfire Welcome Party ~ A La Mexico

~A Mexican Twist On An Old Favorite~

You chose to have a destination wedding!!! Aside from saying “Yes” that was the next great decision you have made Fresa!  You chose to be surrounded by your closest friends and family in the most magical place in the world to celebrate your I. Do moment under the Mexican Sun!

So, How about giving them all the Welcome they deserve to what will no doubt be the “Event of the year”!!!  In most cases there are 2 families to integrate, Aunts that have never left the country, Friends that are meeting for the first time and fathers who have lots to discuss! So, why not throw a party for all of the colors of your families to unite and get to know each other a little better before the big day!

We know there are lots of great ways to celebrate a Welcome/Sundowner event, however in another Fresa first we thought we would share a great new option for you all!

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned BBQ/Bonfire? All of your people huddled around the open fire with all of the trimmings.  Toasting Marshmallows, making Smores, Roasting wieners and good Cold Beer. What’s not to love? Well, How about having that same tradition you love with a Mexican twist?

We were lucky enough to host our very first Beach BBQ/Bonfire welcome party for Julie and James not too long ago and as it was such a hit with everyone in attendance we thought we must share with all of your beautiful brides to be out there!

We started the event with a traditional yet very casual BBQ dinner.  It was very important to Julie to have her guests feel as comfortable as possible so she even added to the itinerary card in the welcome bags “Come as you are, bathing suits approved, Showers optional”! The décor kept things as fun and welcoming as the Mariachi Band as we used Picnic table inspired red gingham table coverings and offered a “sit where your confortable” atmosphere.  We served up Cheeseburgers with sides of plain lays potato chips and a delectable macaroni salad! After a long day of travel, this soul food was a huge hit!

Once the BBQ was over we slowly started to move everyone over to the beach area where we had set up large white pillows in a circle around the Bonfire.  As it was a bit chilly we welcomed each guest to the bonfire area with a traditional Mexican blanket to wrap themselves in! Once situated everyone took a seat and were entertained by an electric 25 minute fire show.  After the show the bar was open and the table of toastable snacks was unveiled! Guests were all offered a stick for roasting and a smorgasbord of traditional Bonfire snacks

It was a wonderful celebration and what made it such a hit was the overall feel of the event!  People were in comfortable clothes, eating comfort food and surrounded by new and old faces that they were able to easily get to know as the environment created such a welcoming and non-threatening feel.

The fireside stories that were shared that night made it an evening that these guests will never forget and also made all of the other days leading up to the wedding that much more fun and memory filled!

We are lucky enough to have venues that have given us special approval to do this type of an event here in Mexico.  So, if you would like more information or would like to start planning your Mexican Beach Bonfire Party, contact your fellow Fresa’s here!!!


 Happy Planning Fresa’s



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