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Hola!!! Mucho Gusto!!! (FAB to meet you!!!)

Fresa Ambassador – Company Founder

Kristee Smith

Owner/ Founder

Hola! Mucho Gusto!! My name is Kristee and I am just plain delighted to meet you!  My story is quite simple!  It starts the same way we all did, with the search to find your true passion in this life and make it your career.  After planning my own Destination Wedding in Mexico I was incredibly inspired,  I decided to go against the grain, planning a more private wedding than what I was being offered at the All Inclusive Resorts, this was when It hit me.  This was definitely what I  was meant to do with my life.  Nothing had ever given me more happiness, Pride and Self-Fulfillment.

So there was only one thing for me to do! I had to gain the experience needed to pursue this dream of mine.  So, I decided to trade the lovely Canadian winters of London, Ontario and move to Mexico.  I was lucky enough to secure employment at the beautiful Secrets Capri Resort & Spa in Playa Del Carmen as the Lead Wedding Coordinator.  After successfully planning and executing more than 100 “Happily Ever After’s” at Secrets I could safely say there was nothing I hadn’t seen in the wonderful world of Destination Weddings, and I was more sure than ever that this was what I wanted to dedicate my life to!

After 2 years of living in Mexico, I was now ready to return to my Dream.  I decided to take all of my experience and knowledge of Planning Weddings in Mexico and create something that would highlight all of the wonderful things about Choosing a Destination Wedding, however offer an alternative to couples looking for more private and customized Weddings in Mexico.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found what I truly Love to do in this life. So many couples have allowed me to be a part of the happiest day of their lives; I have the greatest job in the world!