Let us raise a glass to you!


For finding YOU (Gosh that was fun!)
And for finding someone who loves the YOU that You Love.

Let us further salute you our fellow Fresa, for the following:

  • To saying “Heck NO” to Stilettos in favor of Barefeet.
  • To extending this monumental celebration beyond just one fabulous day while not compromising a single solitary piece of your “vision” by choosing Mexico.
  • To sipping on your margarita (You know, enjoying the local cuisine) with your freshly painted toes in the sand, basking in your happy not a care in the world knowing: Team Fresa is On It~
  • To opening your eyes “That Day” to the sun peeking in from your ocean front balcony and enjoying every second of that moment ~ Appetite and nerves in perfect working order
  • To looking in the mirror and saying “I truly have never felt more beautiful”.
  • To those Goosebumps crawling up your back ~ Under that perfectly fitting dress ~ When your carefully selected song starts playing and you take your first sandy steps towards the rest of your life.
  • To never being more sure and secure to say those two little words.
  • To Dancing and Celebrating beachfront under the stars surrounded by the people who have loved, supported and watched you become YOU.
  • For arriving ~Not wanting the night to end~ At your final dance with the great love of your life knowing that tomorrow you wake up as Mrs / Mr……..

So, as we say in Mexico ~ Saludos a usted ~ Cheers to you!
& Your Happily Ever After.