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Frequently Asked Questions

Legalities Simplified

Ok, We know, we know….Every Webpage tells you something different…Here is the Simplified answer for you…on LEGAL Wedding ~ VS ~ NON LEGAL Wedding in Mexico.

Ask yourself this:

QDo you want to be legally married in Mexico on the day of your ceremony? Or Will you obtain a Marriage Certificate from home either before or after your ceremony here?


YES: OK, so if you want a legal marriage here on the day of your ceremony…Easy. (However, There is a higher expense due to the Doctor, and the License fees.)

• The ONLY thing you need to worry about is Arriving 4 Days BEFORE your ceremony here in Mexico. WE Will handle the rest.
• We will send you a form 1 month before your wedding which you will fill out, and send back to us. With the copies of your passports, and your witnesses passports. (Personal Information which we will take to the Justice of the Peace)
• We will make an appointment for the Doctor to come to your hotel and do the very quick (Less than 5 min) Blood-test. 5 Min…Promise! At this time we will also get photocopies of your Tourist Cards!
• You need 4 witnesses to be there 4 days in advance as well, but don’t sweat it!!! If you do not have 4 Witnesses…We will witness for you!

That’s IT!! We have simplified the process for you!! We will take care of most of the details BEFORE you even arrive!!! No Worries!!!

NO: Ok, No Paperwork No Blood Tests, No restrictions! We will have a Wedding Officiant at your ceremony. However it is a Celebration only! Not a legal Wedding…(But you would be the only one who knows that if thats how you want it!) There is No difference in ceremony style! Many couples choose this option for its Simplicity! However, we have Simplified both processes for you, So…The Choice is YOURS!

QWill my marriage be legal when I get home?


Yes, If you have chosen a LEGAL Wedding. And you live in Canada You will be recognized as legally married. However if you live in the United States and have chosen a LEGAL wedding your Marriage Certificate needs to be Appostilized

(Which We will take care of for you) The cost is Approx. 80.00 USD and another 60.00 USD to Fed Ex to you. This Process takes approximately 45 Days.

QWill I need to get my Marriage Certificate translated?


If you have chosen a LEGAL ceremony, and you live in Canada No. All provinces within Canada now recognize LEGAL weddings in Mexico as just that…Legal. The only reason to have your marriage certificate translated is due to a legal name change upon arrival home from Mexico, which I can tell you from experience is approx. 70.00 for the translation of the document. You do NOT need this done for it to be recognized as a LEGAL marriage. . If you are an American citizen, please check as the rules differ per state.

QWill my ceremony be in English or Spanish?


We have searched high and low for you our Fellow Fresa…And we have found some wonderful English Speaking Justice of the peace officiants and Wedding officiants just for you! Not to worry! No Translations Necessary with Fresa Weddings!!!

QIf I stay at an All Inclusive Hotel with my family and friends, Can you still help me plan something more Private for me?


OF COURSE!! That is exactly what we specialize in! We have many couples that choose to do this, we simply plan an off site Wedding Ceremony/Cocktail/and Reception (Or whichever you are in need of) and arrange for you and all of your guests to get to and from the location you choose! Its ALL up to you!!! Even if all you are looking for is a more private Ceremony…We can do that…Or…You want to be paraded down 5th avenue from your resort by a Trio of Mariachis to your Private Cocktail and Dinner Reception…We can do that too! Its ALL about YOU!

QWhat happens if it rains???


Ok, so FIRST….Let’s not even put that out to the universe!! Ha Ha!!! Second…Of course In my time I have had to deal with this situation, and the first thing I can tell you…(Coming from someone who has conducted weddings in Hurricanes before…And They were some of the most beautiful I’ve seen) Location is EVERYTHING! We have carefully selected locations with incredible “Indoor Options” Just in Case of the very SMALL chance that Mother nature decides to try to “Rain on your Parade”! We can laugh right back at her!!! We are always Prepared with a Backup!!!

QAre you a Legal Business?


YES! We know…Things can be a bit Scary sometimes when it comes to trying to plan a wedding in a Foreign country…So, once again…We want you to have Peace of Mind. Therefore, Not only are we a REGISTERED, LEGAL business in Sunny Mexico…We are also a REGISTERED, LEGAL Business in Canada! Please take the time to read through some of our “Confessions Of A Fresa” Endorsements, as well…We can give you their PERSONAL information if you would like to contact them Directly! Don’t worry, we wont be offended!!! We would do it if we were you! (And HAVE!)

QHow do I secure my Perfect date?


Well, the first step is to contact us! If you know the date you would like, it is best if you get in touch with us right away so that we can SECURE your date with the Officiant or Justice of the Peace, and all of the Vendors. We do get many requests for the same day and Unfortunately there are only a certain number of people available on any given day to actually perform your ceremony…So, The “Early Bird Gets Tha Worm”! In order to secure your date with the local Municipality we will need a Deposit of 300.00 USD which is Non-Refundable in case of cancellation as it goes immediately and directly to them. This will be deducted of course from the final cost of your Big Day, But will ensure that your date is SECURED!

QCan I get Married on a Sunday?


YOU SURE CAN! We know that many people have their heart SET on a certain date, and that it sometimes falls on a Sunday! We have made such great relationships with our Vendors and Officiants that they Will Marry a Fresa Bride any day of the WEEK!!!

QOK, so what exactly do you do that is different from the package my all inclusive hotel is offering?


So, Once again…I speak from Experience here! Being the Wedding Planner at a Beautiful Exclusive All Inclusive Resort in the past…They create beautiful days, However we offer many things they do not….

• PRIVACY ~ One of the biggest drawbacks for most brides is PRIVACY! Unfortunately there are usually between 500-1500 rooms at most of these hotels (Multiply that by 2 people per room…), and there is no way to tell people NOT to be “On-Lookers” at your wedding…The truth is…They have paid to be at that hotel too…And it is their “Right” to be there if they choose! We have hand selected over 20 Locations within the Riviera Maya & Pacific Coast to fit All Budgets that offer Much more privacy, and in some cases Complete and utter Seclusion from Anyone Not at your wedding..So, Rest Well knowing the man in the “What the Heck was he thinking” Banana Hammock WILL NOT be a Guest at your Wedding! (Hee Hee)

• CUSTOMIZATION ~ Every Single Detail of your wedding will be Unique to you. Your Location, Your Flowers, Your Chairs, Your Signature Drink, Your Signature Shades….EVERY Single Solitary Detail…Will be there, Because YOU have picked it that way (With our help if you need it of course!) You are not limited in any way by the sometimes strict rules and “Cookie Cutter” Look that some hotels can offer!

• NO HIDDEN COSTS ~ The one big complaint I used to hear a lot when planning weddings at an All Inclusive resort was that the “Attractively Priced” Packages did not include some of the most important (And Pricy) things such as Food & Beverage, Photography & Personalized Decor just to name a few! Once you start adding in these Hidden Costs You will most likely pay a Higher price than if Fresa Weddings customized your Event![/toggle]

QCan we come and pick the location in person?


Oh ABSOLUTELY! Many Brides come here to Mexico with their Friends, Family, Moms, and Fiancees to hand select their “Perfect Place”, Have food and Cake tastings and most importantly… Meet us! We would LOVE the opportunity to meet you in person, take you on Site Inspections, plan out all of the finer details and give you the peace of mind you Deserve!

QWhere do I start?


Well, the first step is to contact us! Once we receive your contact form you will receive an email back from us in less than 24 hours. We will set up a time to either talk on the phone, or Skype RIGHT AWAY! We believe that it is Imperative to speak directly (Call us old fashioned, but we Like it better that way!) So that we can better understand your “Vision” for your Happily Ever After! Once we have done this, and we understand your Wants Needs & Desires It is up to us (And we take this part of our job VERY seriously) to MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN…Within your Budget! Thats RIGHT! We are going to create everything for you, and be SURE to keep you in line with your budget along the way! We have some tricks up our
sleeves…Don’t you worry!!!