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Watch your dreams take flight on your wedding night!

Watch your dreams take flight on your wedding night!

~ Chinese sky lanterns ~

They say that we get what we put out to the universe right? So, on your wedding night why not have all of your guests join you on the beach to have your dreams for your new life together take flight over the Caribbean sea and into the starry night sky?

Chinese Sky lanterns have officially arrived in Mexico courtesy of Fresa Weddings Mexico. This popular trend made famous by a blushing bachelorette on ABC’s Hit  show has now been made available for you and your I Do’s in Mexico. How exciting right?


Let us paint you a picture for you:  As your guests dance barefoot at your oceanfront reception Team Fresa will quietly sneak away to light the candles of the lantern lined walkway on the beach leading to the location where the lanterns will take flight.  Your guests are each handed a white paper lantern with a colorful marker and given instructions to write their wishes for the happy couple on the lantern.  Everyone is gathered and taken down the illuminated pathway to the area where the lanterns are lit simultaneously and sent into the moonlit sky.

Sounds dreamy right? Well, this is just one more way to make your wedding day unique and memorable for your guests.  The cost of the lanterns is very nominal and we think it is just the perfect ending to your perfect day!

Dream On Fresa’s!

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