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A Favor for a Favor?

A Favor for a Favor?


What do you think your guests will do with your wedding favor?

Your wedding day is most likely the one golden pass you will get in life to have everything be about YOU! You have waited your whole life for this day, therefor you have earned it!  You have already chosen to Wisk your friends and family away on a culture rich escapade for your nuptuals, So, why would you choose to send them home with a token of your wedding day that is anything but as unique and fabulous as You?

Many couples are choosing to “Give Back” to their Host country by way of monetary donations or even participating in volunteer opportunities either before of after their wedding celebrations.  This ever-growing feel good trend is replacing traditional wedding favors daily, And we just Love it!  There are so many opportunities to give back to charitable organizations in Mexico, you just need to do a little bit of research (Which we have done for you!) and follow a few simple guidelines for a favor…that is truly a favor!

The best place to start is at the beginning, with your initial budget.  Add the charitable donation to your allocated funds right away.  Just think, of all of the details of your wedding, if just one piece of linen, or one centerpiece was turned into a donation to the beautiful country you chose to host your I. Do’s, It would just be that much more memorable & meaningful for you and your guests.  The other option is to do a “By Guest” dollar amount donation.  Take the amount of money you would have spent on a wedding favor, and use that as your donation.

One great example I have seen was at Keri and Marks September Wedding in Playa Del Carmen.  They chose to donate 10.00 USD on behalf of each guest to Habitat For Humanity Mexico.  Each guest was then given a small box decorated in the couples wedding colors holding a Habitat for Humanity keychain accompanied by a letter from the couple that clearly stated “ We have donated 10.00 on behalf of YOU to Habitat For Humanity Mexico.  Collectively with all of the donations from our wedding guests we were able to purchase 3 Doors, 76 box’s of Nails, 3 windows…”Etc.

~An excellent way to make your guests feel part of something special~


If a monetary donation is not for you and you think your gang would prefer getting their hands dirty instead, why not organize a volunteer day for all of your guests to join in on? A few couples I have had the pleasure of knowing have chosen to spend a Pre or Post wedding celebration day with all of their guests building homes in Mexico, Helping out at local hospitals or hosting spay and neuter clinics at area animal shelters.

Whether trading in that personalized sunscreen from your welcome bag, the starfish bottle stopper go away gift or the group excursion to Tulum in lou of a donation to a great and in need organization of your choosing, I cant imagine any of your guests being anything but elated to share in your passion to help others!

A few excellent organizations we have found are:

Habitat For Humanity Mexico (

Coco’s Cat Shelter, Playa Del Carmen Mexico (

Give a Toy, Get a Smile (

Cruz Rojo Mexicana

Hakab Be Libaray in Akumal (

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