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Trash the Dress!

Trash the Dress!

You had “That Moment” when you first tried it on”…”Its The ONE”! You probably Shed a tear with your Besties more than just once of the million that you had it back on to be sized and re-sized….You smiled a big Ole smile to yourself Everytime you thought about it…”Damn I look incredible”.

You slipped into it “That Day”, Hair perfectly in place, Make up applied & it Fit you like a glove! You walked, CORRECTION: Pranced down the sandy rose pedal lined Aisle toward him as His mouth Dropped (Along with everyone
elses)…And You said the 2 most important words of your life, and proceeded to party like the rock-star you are until the last dance….

So, most girls will guard it with their lives as if it were their first born all the way home….Tuck it away in a vacuum sealed Box…Never to be opened again….

But….We Have a MUCH MUCH Better Idea!!!!


Being a Fresa Bride…You sure are one smart Cookie!!! Why have only ONE day in all your Perfect-Ness when you can have TWO? Yup!!! Lets get it Wet, Lets roll around in it, lets have some FUN!!!!

We selected our incredibly talented Photog for a reason….Not only does he specialize in Wedding Pics….He is an ARTIST in Trash the Dress Shoots!!!

In this area especially we have some of the most unique and inspiring “Trashing” locations. Not only can we take it right into the turquoise blue ocean, and roll in the powdery sand….But we have done some of the most incredible “Trashings” in Cenote’s. Cenotes are fresh water underground caves if you will that provide the most stunning backdrop for your Shoot!

Fresa Weddings Mexico and James Torres Photography are so exited for you to “Trash That Dress” that we are offering some GREAT pricing on “Wedding/Trashing” Package Shoots!!!

Have a look at our Photog Page on the site for more pics….And get Inspired!

(PS: Its Only Water Hunny!!! You were taking it to the cleaners when you got home anyway!)

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