Flaw-Less Fresa “I-Do’s”

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Cristin & Evan

Grand Coral Beach Club, April 16, 2016

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Sam & Fernando

Grand Coral Beach Club

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Stefania & Mike

Villa Albatros Cancun

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Erica & Kevin

Oh the ever enchanting Erica and her always smiling groom Kevin! I had the pleasure of meeting this couple hot off their engagement when they decided to come to Mexico to scout where they would say I. Do. What became of our journey was selecting the most spectacular setting for their Catholic ceremony at a quaint open air church in Puerto Aventuras and their rocking reception at the Omni Puerto Aventuras. After over a year of planning with this couple whom I am now very happy to call my friends, Team Fresa gave them a day they (And we) will never forget. Erica and Kevin are the kind of couple who remind me once again why I do what I do. A beautiful couple deserving of every bit of happy that has come their way. We adore you guys! Thank You for choosing us to stand with you both through this awesome journey. ~ Kristee

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Zar & Zul

“I want it to Sparkle” Zar told me on our very first conversation! After a full year of planning out all of the perfect little details with her and her wonderful groom Zul, It is obvious why her wedding needed to Sparkle & Dazzle!!! It was only fitting for a couple like these two that their wedding be as shiny as them! The day was nothing short of perfect and I don’t remember the last time we got that lucky! It rained for 6 days before the big day and 4 days after however on May 24, 2012 at the stunning Grand Coral Beach Club, The sun was right where it was supposed to be to light all of that bling all day and night! Fresa LOVES our now friends “Z&Z” and was so proud and happy to be a part of their day!

Thanks to Vijay Rakhra for creating this wonderful video!

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